It's not the size of your agency
that counts...

We are not the biggest agency, the flashiest, the most awarded or the biggest biller, no. We’re kinda small, and prefer it that way.

Small means we don’t have the extravagant overhead-quarters in Sandton, a slush fund for fake self-serving award-winning ads nor the need to sell you on a pseudo channel agnostic bloated production budget to cover an entire department.

Nope, small doesn’t have time for that.

In fact, we’re so small we don’t feel the need to sell you on pretend-permanent employees we hired, just so that we could keep your business running while we pitch with our star performers on someone else’s. Can’t afford it.

Yep, we’re small, and that’s never stopped us getting the job done right no matter the size of the challenge or budget. We’ve probably even done it for your agency on your behalf. Who knows?

To us, small has to get it right every time to survive. Small can’t afford to sell you bad advice. Small has to be on edge to succeed.

Maybe it’s not about the size of the agency; it’s perhaps about their integrity? Could be that the big ones need to think about their bottom lines first before ever considering to solve the brief without bias. Could be.

All we know is we’re small and pretty damned good at our day jobs.

No bullshit.

Now you know a little about us. Want to find out more?