– Brand, Strategy & Campaign Concepting
– Integrated Experiential Campaigns
– Always-On Content Campaigns
– User Experience Strategy & Design
– Consumer Journey Design


– Pitch Presentation Design & Strategy
– Brand Development
– Brand Perception Coaching
– Brand, Sponsorship, Bottler, Store & Franchise Toolkits
– Innovation & Product Development
– Web & App Development

Tell stories

– Digital & Traditional Copywriting
– Scripting
– Naming
– Slogan Development
– Proofreading


– Design (duh)
– Art Direction
– Photography
– Illustration
– Mockups
– 3D Renders
– Retouching
– Packaging design


– Broadcast & Digital Video Production
– Radio Production
– Product & Campaign Photography Production
– Branding
– Custom Corporate Gifting

Other things we’ve been asked to do

– Sense check my sales pitch
– Design my Karaoke bar interior
– Fix my junior designers work
– Write my email
– Train me to PhotoShop
– Design a Trump themed 50th birthday invite
– Make a Spider-man cake
– Pretend to be my marketing manager
– Fly to Namibia for no apparent reason
– Conceptualise a cultural village
– Design a table
– Teach my creative department how to create
– Make 1000 wire hearts by hand
– Make my child’s drawing come to life
– Design a book that hasn’t been written yet
– Come up with an amazing farewell gift
– Make it go viral/funky/pop/wow/pretty/shit hot
– Jazz it up
– Make the person in the image black/white/cappuccino/nondescript
– Make the logo bigger
– Create, design and develop a product without knowing what’s inside
– Make the stage stairs go up and disappear into the heavens
– If the client asks, pretend you work for us
– Create a PPT that teaches creatives how to make a creative PPT
– Without a concept expand on the consumer journey
– Please make my PPT print ready
– Write a building maintenance contract
– Don’t spend too much time on it, just enough to enter it into awards
– Design the poster in PPT so as to be able to edit it later

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